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Relax and let the Editor do the hard stuff. Deadlines? Guaranteed. Confidentiality? Guaranteed. Quality? Guaranteed.


Heather has been in business since 2012. Whether you’re working for profit or love, Heather can help you with:

  • health and safety plans

  • website copy

  • grant applications and funding bids

  • industry blogs and printed articles

  • instruction manuals

  • tenders, contracts, expressions of interest

  • white papers

  • research


With 12 years' experience in the public sector, Heather understands how government works. She can help you with:

  • reports and publications

  • health and safety documents

  • standard operational procedures (SOPs)

  • public notices and factsheets

  • website content


Working and studying? English not your first language? Heather can help you gain control of your studies:

  • theses and dissertations

  • essay proofreading

  • formatting according to any style guide

  • science article submissions

  • conference papers

  • NZQA unit standards

  • popular science writing

  • CVs and cover letters

  • What is editing?

    First Person editing and writing services are bespoke. But everyone gets the “royal treatment”. The First Person Editor works with Microsoft Word, PDF and LaTex conversions. Depending on your specific requirements, document preparation includes:

    • grammar
    • punctuation
    • capitalisation
    • spelling, especially where confusion exists between British and American spelling
    • syntax
    • formatting in general, MS Word styles, headings, automatic tables of contents (TOCs), lists of figures and tables
    • pagination (headers and footers)
    • formatting to specific style guides, e.g. APA 7th or an academic journal’s guide for writers
    • suggestions about content
    • suggestions about structure
    • formatting reference lists and citations (including cross-referencing of citations with the list)
    • checking for consistency in content
    • corrections to improve flow and clarity
    • suggestions about adding impact
    • target audience advice
    • reducing word counts (up to 50%)

    There are just too many jobs an editor does to list here. So, if you don’t see what you need on this list, don’t worry! To discover how the Editor can help with your project, pick up the phone  or email.

    About First Person Editing and Heather Taylor

    Heather has been editing and writing since 1986, when she helped fellow students turn their technical jargon into plain English. More by luck than good planning, she graduated with a double degree in biology and English. But Heather craved adventure, so she gave up being an academic and joined the Peace Corps as a volunteer. Heather taught English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) to Thai secondary students in a rural village for three years. Although she was a volunteer, the experience made her rich for life. To extend her world adventure, she emigrated to New Zealand in 1995, where she settled in the Wairarapa Region, worked in the wine industry and farmed deer on an 800-acres bush block. But the windy winters were cold, too cold. So, in 2003, lured by the promise of endless sun and no wind, Heather moved to Northland, where she worked in central and local government departments as a wildfire fighter, conservation ranger and land management advisor to farmers in the Kaipara Region.

    In 2012, Heather founded First Person Editing Limited. She is the only editor on the team, so you always get consistent, quality results. If you pick up the phone to talk to a real person, you will get the Editor, not an endless menu of useless choices. If you email a question, Heather always answers in person. Not some stranger with different ideas or contradictory advice! Today, Heather's work is trusted by clients worldwide. The First Person Editing guarantee is quality, confidentiality and deadlines met. Heather provides tailored formatting, editing and writing solutions across the private and public sectors. Her clients have found success the easy way, because Heather takes the work out of words.


    The Editor has helped clients from all walks of life publish documents that earn them respect, funds, friends and opportunities. Here is what Heather's clients have to say about First Person Editing.

    Norberto Gariglio

    Dr. Norberto Gariglio, Decano, Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias, Universidad Nacional del Litoral

    “Heather has edited many papers for my team of botanists. They have been published in prestigious journals like Crop
    and Ecology.”

    Karen Brooke

    Asia Pacific Brands Limited

    “Some of the best work I have seen done on instruction manuals. Thank you!”

    Nilubon Chumpoonuch

    Nilubon Chumpoonuch

    Walailak University School of Nursing, Thailand

    “I have worked with Heather for a few years now, and every time, she gives me the best service. With Heather, there are never any problems. The work just happens.”

    Terri Boote

    Terri Boote

    Company Director, Virtual Assistants, Auckland

    "Thank you so much for proofing my website. I must say I'm really impressed with your work. Especially the way you were looking outside the box to actually recommend changes (good changes, too)!”

    Andrew McDonald

    Director, Biospatial Ltd., Whangarei

    “Fantastic work on all my projects, right from when I was a start-up — I’m not a words person, and with Heather, I got the tenders I put in for, my reports got accepted by my clients, and everything just seemed to work smoothly.”

    John Beachman

    Contract Researcher, Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)

    "My draft report was a whopping 200 or so pages. It was technical, it was complicated, I hadn’t done any formatting. Heather just nailed all the hard stuff."

    Ye Li

    Auckland University PhD candidate in urban planning

    “The document is well received. I could see there are a lot of comments from a quick read through. Thanks again! It has been a great pleasure working with you.”

    Duncan Kervell

    Duncan Kervell

    Deputy Group Manager, Northland Regional Council (NRC)

    "Heather spent umpteen months making our soil fact sheets attractive and easy to read. She gave us what we needed to get a major project underway. We have now published the fact sheets online and in book format.”

    Clayton Downes

    Bachelor of Business in Health and Safety Management

    “A lot of time and effort went into your review of my resume. I agree with all the recommendations. Great job. Thanks for your help. Well done.”

    Sandy Page

    Sandy Page

    Secretary, Tahere Landcare Group

    “We wanted to translocate kiwi into our conservation area, but we needed a dog management plan. Heather helped us get one together, and now we have been given the green light to release the birds. Fantastic result!”

    Hadwyn Chen

    Auckland University PhD candidate

    “Heather did a beautiful job with my dissertation — the formatting and everything else was perfect.”

    Zohar Levi

    School of Engineering and Computer Science, Victoria University

    “Heather worked in Overleaf on my LaTeX and converted PDF. She did a great job.”

    Trish Sutton

    Administration Officer, Department of Conservation

    "Heather always does a sterling job. My CV got me to where I wanted to go. I'm so glad I got to work with someone so professional."

    Clea Gardiner

    Kiwis for kiwi Project Manager, Blue Orb Charitable Trustee

    "Heather has done a lot of work for me. The highlight was a 10-year strategic plan for Blue Orb Charitable Trust, which DOC accepted. She did a fantastic job."

    Lynnell Greer

    Lynnell Greer

    Visitor Advice Manager, Department of Conservation (DOC)

    "We had trouble getting our heads around DOC's 10-year Recreation and Historic Strategy. Treasury requirements were complicated, but with Heather's skills added to the mix, my team nailed it.”

    Marty Taylor

    Marty Taylor

    Founder, Papa Taiao Earthcare

    "The learner notes, assessments and marking guides produced for Papa Taiao Earthcare ticked all the boxes for the NZQA moderators."

    Trevor Bullock

    Company Director, Trev B Contracting

    "My health and safety plan went from dud to awesome just like that. Hancock Forest Management gave it a 96% near-perfect mark, which is unheard of for a first-time contractor.”

    Raj Kumar Koirola

    PhD, Conservation Ecology, Massey University

    "Thank you, Heather, for your professional work. I could not have completed my research papers without you."

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